1. Waterproof jacket (taped seams)

2. Waterproof trousers (taped seams)

3. Long trousers or tights (worn or carried)

4. Two sets of gloves. Liner (waterproofed in bag) and waterproof / Goretex type

5. Waterproof hat and another warm hat (waterproofed in bag)

6. Nutrition / over 1lt water (you need to be able to be self sufficient for long periods of time between cps)

7. Two head torches plus 2 sets spare batteries / chargers for each (minimum 100 lumens each)

8. Red tail light (to be switched on and worn on back of pack during night sections)

9. An extra piece of warm clothing (water proofed)

10. A fully charged working mobile phone (water proofed) and charger

11. Basic medical kit (blister plasters / pain killers / steriwipes etc)

12. Emergency survival bag (not foil blanket)

13. Whistle

14. Collapsible / eco cup

15. Buff (you will be give a Brutal one at registration)

16. GPS Tracker (this will be given to you at registration)

17. Maps in an A4 waterproof map case in an easily accessible place. (the maps will be given to you at registration, please supply the case)

18. Useful numbers, check point timings, and lost procedure. (these will be given to you at registration)