5 days, 264 miles and 23,000ft


If you like lots of signs, aid stations and gentle climbs, this probably isn’t the event for you. However, if you are looking for 5 days of smashing yourself and seeing if you break, welcome to Cake or Death…

This is a seriously tough, point-to-point event and you will need to navigate yourself along the coast path to the official CPs (check points) at approximately every 20 miles*. There will be 3 or 4 CPs where you will be able to sleep and we will provide a basic hot meal. The other CPs will have the normal aid station food (lots of cake...) and hot/cold drinks.

There will also be opportunities for your crew to reach you between the official CPs. These locations will be given to you in the pre-event info pack. Support is not mandatory, but strongly advised.

You will need to carry the kit required on the mandatory kit list (to follow) at all times. The course is a waymarked route, but you will also be given maps at registration.

There will be a 100-ish mile 'sprint' option available, this is called The Slice and starts with the main race and ends at CP6 (Aberystwyth - which is also the registration location).

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